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Benefits of Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems

  • Durable, 100% sustainable, low maintenance, cost efficient, and reflective

  • Apply to virtually any roof substrate

  • Reflects up to 85% of the sun's rays

  • Reduces interior temperature

  • Monolithic, fluid applied with no seams or fasteners

Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems

The fluid-applied elastomeric roof coating systems from Washington Roofing & Insulation, Inc. provide mildew resistance, superior resistance to impact and fire, flexibility, adhesion, and durability. This is an excellent protective barrier for extending the life of most roofing substrates.

  • ASTM E108/UL 790 Class A approved systems

  • Reduces "Heat Island" effect

  • Classified as a cool construction material

  • ENERGY STAR®, LEED, CRRC, and Miami-Dade County approved or certified

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